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16th March, 2020

Different charts are now a part of Appsmith
  • File picker minor fixes.

  • Cypress test framework

  • Front end docker CI/CD

  • Analytics : Navigation events

  • Page load action issues fix.

  • Form widget issues fix

  • App initialization trigger loading issue fix.

  • Graph widget added

  • Navigation to a page fixes

  • Javascript toggle fixes

  • Error boundary changed to allow for sentry tracking

  • Communication emails updated for signup, forgot password and invite users.

  • Document version removed from Mongo to avoid optimize lock exception

  • Added an endpoint to get all categories.

  • When provider is being fetched without a category, only Business Software category providers are returned

  • Add to Page changes : In case the sample response is null, don't set the cached response for the action.

  • Add to Page changes : Documentation object has been added in Action to handle the extra Template documentation for actions that have been imported from 3p marketplace

  • Segment events from backend now hitting different sources depending on environment

  • Provider fields added with the transient property which is set for Actions when they are read.

  • Get all categories now return Mono of List instead of Flux

9th March, 2020

File picker now accepts more file versions
  • P0 issues fixed :

- Property pane does not toggle for the containers when dragging/resizing a widget within the container

- Property pane stays in the same state(open/closed) before and after drag/resize

- Changing the UI reducers does not re-evaluate the datatree

- Focus event does not trigger when moving the mouse out of the boundaries of a widget.

- When the user clicks outside the canvas, the widget focus and selection is reset.

- Fix invite users issue where selecting the roles dropdown used to cause a page reload.

- Remove DropTargetMask Component. Use DragLayerComponent to render Grids

- Fix canvas width to 1224px

- Fix n-1 page save issue. This issue caused the previous state of the canvas to be saved. Resulting in the latest changes not being reflected in the published view and on reload

- Removed Roboto font. It wasn't being used, however, was being downloaded

- Increased the min bottom row offset for the main container to 5.

- Dropzone mistakenly colored as colliding

- Input validation with Dirty Check.

- Backend segment events for create & delete of objects were not being sent.

  • Fixes for disparity in the styles of the local and release builds.

  • Code Editor critical fixes.

  • Event tracking for analytics. Also segregated events for production and staging environment.

  • Sentry sourcemaps are working now. Sourcemaps were getting uploaded to our servers which is removed. Sentry issues are also segregated for production and staging environment.

  • Fixes for file picker.

  • Addition of Enhanced user profile after Login using a new API endpoint ("/profile")

  • Remove roboto font.

  • Change the property pane toggling mechanism.

  • Increase max bottom row offset for main container from 2 to 5.

  • Fix padding and offsets for the widget border component, resize handles.

  • Addition of Form widget

  • Addtion of Marketplace repository with a CRUD for providers and templates with proper authentication

  • Addition of CI for Marketplace repository

  • Addition of more details to the invalid action error to pin point which action is invalid in the backend logs.

  • Addition of API to Add an Action (Use in Page) for a template in the current page

  • Addition of filter to fetch Providers by Category name as well.

  • Addition of sessionId to the MDC logging to make debugging simpler on the backend.

2nd March, 2020

  • Fix for user auth forms styles & page styles & fixed input fields for signup, create password, forgot password, reset password pages

  • Fix for table and selectedRow issues.

  • Fixed focus state of editor

  • Minor fix for file picker

  • For radio, changed the default option to text.

  • Remove default click from filepicker

  • Added classes for login button, publish button, application card, widgetcard, editor nav links and application search input.

  • Added auto complete function support

  • Convert control to dynamic for property pane.

  • Added classes to property controls.

  • Fix property pane invalid control error.

  • Added storybook.

  • Added sentry sourcemaps for error logging.

  • To support file picker of less than 5MB size on the backend, increasing the request buffer size to 5 MB in the default file

  • When deleting a page, also remove it from the application page cache.

  • Creating an embedded datasource for an action to support CURL & 3P Import on the backend.

  • Adding the field shouldCacheResponse to the ActionExecutionResult to make the response caching generic across various plugins

  • Fixing the spring data auditable issue by creating a dummy embedded Datasource object in Action

  • Adding test cases in ActionService for some create Action workflows

24th February, 2020

Action creation UI is now simpler
  • Action refactor including handling old actions.

  • Fixed Visibility issue.

  • Fixed widget padding issue.

  • Fixed issue where dropzone disappears.

  • Fixed resize flicker. Add resize handles to corners. Enforce minimum width and height for widgets.

  • Enforce uniform padding in resizable components

  • Remove deleted page from list. Disable setting a page as default when it is already the default. Throw error when deleting the homepage.

  • Refactor widget name

  • Updated dsl with files picked in base 64 & moved to storing file on add instead of upload

  • Change toast font size from 14px to 16px

  • Fixed single select dropdown background style

  • Fixed Infinite spinner when create application fails.

  • Adding provider plan subscribed to and list of all the plans to Provider

  • Curl Importer calls create action instead of saving it directly so that all the defaults can be set up properly.

  • Making the Templates searchable by name, provider id, versionId, and Id

  • Added hashValue and scraperid to Template

  • This fixes the bug during refactor of name of a widget/action. This bug is recreatable if in the page there is an action with no jsonPathKeys. Handled the null pointer exception by first checking for the null pointer.

17th February, 2020

  • Fixed Widget visibility

  • Updated meta & widget property not need widgetid

  • Fixed dropdown option delete issues

  • Api pane css fixes

  • Focus widget only if not already focused. Remove routerparams reducer, we have the info in editorReducer. Change anchor link to button to remove accessibility warnings

  • Transparent Canvas - Template 1

  • api fixes

  • Dropdown widget fixes

  • Removed Google Auth domain restrictions for all environments

  • Extended the ActionConfiguration to accept rest api body in the form of key-value for form-data input. Also extended Property to include fields which would help the user in configuring the API (like description, mandatory, etc.)

  • Added checks to ensure that we can remove the oauth2 allowed domains from the properties file

  • Fixed Gitlab CI/CD pipeline in the short term for server

10th February, 2020

  1. You can now create different organizations and switch across organizations. This will help developers organize their work better and help freelance developers collaborate with different teams easily.

  2. Applications can now be deleted

  3. Table widget now works for server side paginated responses as well. We’ve now enabled server side and client side pagination. We’ve allowed for different kinds of pagination that might arise in the future.

  4. Brackets auto-close so that you don’t need to worry about tracking the exact number of brackets

  5. Drag and drop is smoother because the drop zone does not fly from far way when dragging for the first time. Friction is lower and tension is higher for more responsive spring animation.

  6. We started integrating with multiple third party APIs so that you can now find your SAAS products that you can integrate with

  • set value after initializing editor

  • autoclose brackets and default input

  • Fixed issue where login button is disabled despite having creds autofilled by chrome

  • Widget Styles

  • Added default implementation in BaseRepositoryImpl for default JPA queries defined by Spring Data.

  • Added the permission to delete pages to acl.rego file

  • Refactoring the code to add page archival for a given application

  • Refactoring the code to fix bug where a user creating an organization wasn’t getting assigned the default groups

  • Renaming isPaginated to PaginationType to support different types of pagination on the frontend

  • Mock apis for 3P frontend work

  • Correcting the error response returned by the AclFilter to match the ErrorDTO returned from controller functions