Taking Inputs from Widgets

APIs can refer to widget data when they are configured.

Passing Inputs to Query params

Most APIs require query params to filter data and sometimes these filters need to be input by a user. We can pass query params selected in a widget to an API by referring to the widget property as{{ widgetName.property }}. So to filter a list of users by status, we can pass a Dropdown selected value to an API by adding a params field with the key as status and the value as{{ statusDropdown.selectedOptionvalue }}

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In the above example, statusDropdown is the name of the widget and can be edited in the property pane by clicking on it

Passing Inputs to the POST body

APIs that create or modify data usually require user inputs from a form. These inputs can be sent in the body of an API as a JSON. We can Input the JSON structure with the static values and replace all the values we need from a widget using {{ widgetName.property }}

The binding must be added inside quotes for it to be a valid JSON in the post body. See an example below

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"title": "{{offerTitleInput.text}}",
"offerType": "{{offerTypeDropdown.selectedOptionValue}}",
"startDate": "{{startDatepicker.selectedDate}}"