Connecting UI & Logic

Every widget, API & query is exposed as an object which can be used to write logic

Javascript can be used almost anywhere in Appsmith inside {{ }}. The value evaluated inside the mustache is substituted in the field it is written in. This allows you to creatively configure different parts of your application.

Widget Properties

Hello {{}}

Adding the above text to a text widget will display "Hello John Doe" if usersTable has a row selected with a column where the name is John Doe.

Similarly, Logic can be added to this example to display something if no row is selected

{{usersTable.selectedRow ? "Hello " + : "Select a user" }}

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Similar to the above example, the params, body & headers of an API can be substituted with a value from a widget or another part of the application. You can also choose to only substitute a part of the post body so that it's easy to configure the structure of your API. The resulting post body must still be a valid JSON so the substitution must be surrounded by quotes

// Post Body
"name": "{{nameInp.text}}"

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Values can be passed to a query by using the substitution syntax inside the query

select * from users where name ilike '%{{searchInput.text}}%'

API / Query data can also be displayed inside widgets using the substituted inside the widget property. Sometimes there is a mismatch in the data format of the response data and the format that the widget requires. You can overcome this by transforming the data inside the widget property using javascript