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Restack is platform to discover and deploy production ready open source tools in minutes. You only need to bring your AWS account and within minutes, your favorite open source tool would be deployed on Kubernetes, on your own cluster. Restack is made so that developers can concentrate on coding and don’t have to worry about DevOps. Restack provides auto scalable, cloud-native, instant, production-ready deployment of open source tools.

One-click deployment

You can deploy Appsmith on the Restack platform with just one click.

The easiest way to do this is

  • Login to Restack with your GitHub or email.
  • Connect your AWS account to create a cluster.
  • Search for Appsmith in the restack console and click to trigger the deployment.

You could also follow the detailed guide for deploying Appsmith available on Restack docs.


If you encounter any errors during this process, please reach out to or raise your query on Discord Server.

Next steps