Getting started

Appsmith stands for speed and getting started with Appsmith is just as fast.

You can begin using appsmith via our cloud instance or by deploying appsmith yourself

Appsmith Cloud

The fastest way to get started with appsmith is using our cloud hosted version. It's as easy as


Appsmith can be deployed locally or on your private instance using docker. To simplify installation, appsmith comes with an installation script that will download all of the necessary dependencies and help you configure appsmith.

Supported Operating Systems

  • MacOS

  • Ubuntu

If you're installing appsmith on Mac, you must have docker desktop installed. Docker is installed automatically by the script on other operating systems.

  1. Fetch the script on the system you want to deploy appsmith

# Downloads
curl -O

2. Make the script executable

chmod +x

3. Run the script. Make sure no other processes are running on ports 80 & 443.


4. Check if all containers are running correctly

docker ps
#Output should look like this
3b8f2c9638d0 appsmith/appsmith-editor "/bin/sh -c 'while :…" 17 minutes ago Up 17 minutes>80/tcp,>443/tcp appsmith_nginx_1
f5a365aada1c appsmith/appsmith-server:latest "/bin/sh -c /entrypo…" 17 minutes ago Up 17 minutes>8080/tcp appsmith_appsmith-internal-server_1
84b15adf470a mongo "docker-entrypoint.s…" 17 minutes ago Up 17 minutes>27017/tcp appsmith_mongo_1
09b42d5b0f1a redis "docker-entrypoint.s…" 17 minutes ago Up 17 minutes>6379/tcp appsmith_redis_1
90833ba6d75a certbot/certbot "/bin/sh -c 'trap ex…" 17 minutes ago Up 17 minutes 80/tcp, 443/tcp appsmith_certbot_1
  • Ensure your security groups are configured to allow traffic to port 80 & 443 on your installation instance.

  • You can access the running application on http://localhost in any browser or the public IP of your machine.

  • You may need to wait 2 - 3 minutes before accessing the application to allow nginx to start

Custom Domains

To host Appsmith on a custom domain, you can contact your domain registrar and update your DNS records. Most domain registrars have documentation on how you can do this yourself.


If at any time you encounter an error during the installation process, reach out to or join our Discord Server

If you know the error and would like to reinstall appsmith, simply delete the installation folder and the templates folder and execute the script again

Updating to the latest release

Appsmith Installations can be updated by running the following command in the installation directory

sudo su
docker-compose pull && docker-compose rm -fsv appsmith-internal-server nginx && docker-compose up -d