Appsmith stands for speed and getting started with Appsmith is just as fast.


Come up with an idea to bring to life on Appsmith. This could be a personal app or an app for your company. Here are a couple of ideas to help you get started

  • Config Manager

  • Employee Referral Portal

  • Leave Tracker

A clear idea will help bring your app to life faster!

Build the UI

Appsmith makes UI creation simple with its elegant visual editor. Simply drag the widgets you want, position them on the screen & re-size them to fit your data.

Connect your APIs

You can import your APIs via CURL or with a simple REST client interface. You can take inputs from a widget by entering {{ widgetName.property }} in side the REST interface. You can trigger the API from a widget using the property pane.

Bind the data

You can refer to widget & API data using their name inside {{ }}. You can display an API response inside a table by adding {{ apiName.data }} to the table data property or take inputs in an API by adding {{ Input1.text }} to the params or body field.

Deploy your App!

Once your app works the way you want it to, deploy it with the "Publish" option on the top-right corner. Published apps can be shared with your team.