Amazon SES

Configure Amazon SES to invite users to your Appsmith installation

To configure Amazon SES as your SMTP server, create an account & login to the AWS console.

1. Navigate to the SES section & SMTP setting page

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2. Copy the SMTP configuration & Create new SMTP Credentials

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3. Create an IAM user

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4. Copy the generated username & password

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5. Verify the email address via which Appsmith should send and receive emails

6. Update the docker.env file in your Appsmith deployment folder

Do not use port 465 listed on the SES page because it is TLS enabled by default

# ***** Email **********
# ***** Set to true if providing a TLS port ******
# ******************************

7. Restart docker & nginx

sudo docker-compose rm -fsv appsmith-internal-server nginx && sudo docker-compose up -d

Your email service should now be configured correctly. Read more about setting up email with SES

If you have created a new amazon SES account, your account will be sandboxed and will be unable to send emails to unverified email Ids. Read more on how to request production access