Google Maps

Configure your google maps API key to enable the maps widget on Appsmith

To enable the maps widget, login to your google cloud console

1. Navigate to the credentials section under APIs & Services

Click to expand

2. Create a new API Key Credential

Click to expand

3. Restrict the API Key

click to expand

4. Enable the following APIs

  • Maps Embed API

  • Maps JavaScript API

  • Places API

  • Geolocation API

Click to expand

5. Update the docker.env file in your Appsmith deployment folder

Please ensure the line doesn't start with a # character, otherwise it is treated as a comment and is ignored.

# ******** Google Maps ***********
# ********************************

6. Restart docker & nginx

sudo docker-compose rm -fsv appsmith-internal-server nginx && sudo docker-compose up -d

The maps widget should now be enabled on your installation. Read more about Obtaining a google API key