Templates are our ready-made apps that are easy to use, forkable, and are bound to give you a little nudge in the right direction. You can directly connect them to your datasource and customize them as you please!

How to find the template you need

We have a Templates tab which you can use to filter and search for templates based on Widgets and Datasources. You have to fork the template into your organization, and you can customize and use the app exactly as you like it.
The Templates tab allows you to check out all our example apps. Use this to browse and create incredible apps of your own.
  • Find the template you like on our template browser.
  • Click on the template thumbnail to navigate to the template details.
  • Click on FORK THIS TEMPLATE to fork it into the organization of your choice, allowing you to leverage all the assets and scripts we used in our templates, or create your own, using the template as a base.
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