Appsmith is a low code, open-source framework to build internal applications.
With our JavaScript-based visual development platform, build CRUD apps, Dashboards, Admin Panels, and many more 10x faster. You can use our pre-built UI widgets, connect them to your APIs and databases to build dynamic apps and complex workflows. And the best part? Deploy these apps on the technology you prefer! (self-host for free!).

What can you do with Appsmith?

Here are the top five use cases for Appsmith:
  • Connect Any Datasource: You can integrate any database with Appsmith, including REST APIs, MySQL, Postgres, MongoDB, Google Sheets, and others;
  • Build UI: With pre-built widgets, you can create UI in seconds;
  • Create and Execute Queries: Write queries and business logic in the SQL or JS Editor and then bind responses;
  • Customize with Ease: Write JS everywhere, even inside your DB queries, to customize your app;
  • Collaborate and Deploy: Invite your colleagues and friends to work with you and deploy your app with just a click.
With these simple steps, you can create simple CRUD apps to complicated multi-step workflows. Appsmith makes it easy to build a UI that talks to any data source.
Watch this 5-minute video on how to use Appsmith.

Creating an Account

Try Appsmith by creating an account in our cloud environment (Read about our data security.). Alternatively, you can also deploy Appsmith on your local machine or private server instance. Follow the links below for more information:

Getting Started with Appsmith

Our documentation takes you on a journey that starts from the basics of Appsmith to solving a specific problem. Here’s how we’ve structured the different parts of our docs:
  • The Tutorial - With our step-by-step and detailed explanations, you can create a sample app using our mock data.
  • Core Concepts - Find everything you need to know about building an app on Appsmith by getting your fundamentals right! See all about connecting, displaying, reading, and binding data here.
  • How to Guides - Here, we help you DIY! For those already familiar with the basics of Appsmith, you can find short guides to help you DIY.
We’ve also put together a detailed reference system. In case you’re looking for information about widgets, data sources, or Framework, refer to the following docs:
We are working hard to keep our documentation up to date and expansive. However, we might not be able to cover everything. If you think we need to include something here, please fill out this short questionnaire! Alternatively, you can shoot an email to [email protected], and we’ll get working on it!

Help Center

Still, having trouble? We want to help! Reach out to us on Discord to get support and ask questions on our community forum.
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