Appsmith is a JavaScript-based visual development platform to build and launch internal tools quickly. Use pre-built UI widgets, connect them to your APIs and databases to build dynamic apps and complex workflows.

How does Appsmith work?

You need to understand five principles to build apps.

  • Create your page by using UI components

  • Connect Appsmith to your data-sources like REST APIs, MySQL, Postgres, MongoDB, and other databases.

  • Write your queries and business logic in the SQL or JS editor

  • Bind UI to your query responses or business logic

  • Deploy your app with a click and invite users

Using these steps you can create simple CRUD apps to complicated multi-step workflows. Appsmith makes it really easy to build UI that talks to any data-source. You can customize the app by writing JS everywhere including inside your DB queries.

Watch this 5-minute video on how to use Appsmith.

Creating an Account

Try Appsmith by creating an account on our cloud environment which comes with mock data for you to play with. Read about our data security. You can also deploy appsmith on your local machine or private server instance.

Getting Started

The documentation is organized into the following sections to help familiarize you with building an application

  • The Tutorial - For users who want to build their first application with our mock data

  • Core Concepts - For users who want to build an app with their own data

  • How to Guides - For users who are familiar with the basics and need help with a use case

We also have the following references for users looking for exact information on how a widget, data source, or framework utility works

Getting Help

Having trouble? We’d like to help!