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The Basics

This tutorial covers the basic concepts of Appsmith and takes you through a series of steps to build a simple Database GUI application.

Here's a screenshot of the final result:

Simple Database GUI
Simple Database GUI

Let's get started!


  • An Appsmith account. If you don’t have one, sign up on Appsmith cloud.

Set up

  1. When you create a new account, Appsmith adds a workspace with an application titled My first application on the homepage by default. You need to create a new empty application for this tutorial. If you are inside an application and need to go to the homepage, click on the Appsmith logo at the top left of the screen to go to the homepage.

  2. On the homepage, click the + New button to the right of the screen under the default workspace. You'll land on a new application in the Edit mode.

Create new application
Create new application
  1. Click the icon on the top center. Select the Edit Name option. Rename the app to User Management.

  2. On the Entity Explorer to the left of the screen, you'll see that Page 1 is the default page on the application. Hover over the page name and click the icon.

  3. Select the Edit Name option. Rename the page to User Information.

Edit page name
Edit page name

Next steps