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What kind of apps can I build on Appsmith?

You can use Appsmith to build custom forms, admin panels, dashboards and other complex workflows. Apps like database GUIs, customer support tools, back office apps, approval apps, and tracking/monitoring tools and management systems are all prime use cases for Appsmith. You can also use it as a clean UI layer over manually triggered scripts, confusing deployment pipelines and basic database CRUD operations. There's little preventing you from using Appsmith to bring any idea to life, and the product is optimized to make building internal tools a hassle-free experience.

How is Appsmith different from other no-code or low-code tools?

Appsmith is open source, which means developers can easily adopt, extend and use the platform without worrying about vendor lock-in. You can also self-host and configure Appsmith on your local machine or a hosting platform giving you complete control over your data privacy, security, and integrity. Our developer-first approach empowers users to write full-fledged JavaScript code and implement Git workflow integration. Appsmith supports a wide range of datasources to connect data and widgets to create custom UX designs. At the heart of Appsmith is our rich and amazing community of developers who are ready to help and share their knowledge.

How secure is Appsmith?

Appsmith applications are secure by default. See Security for more information. For Appsmith cloud users, data is stored and processed on servers in the US. If you want to have complete control over how your data is stored and transmitted, or need to ensure HIPAA compliance, you can self-host Appsmith to ensure none of your data leaves your VPC.

We appreciate any information that can help improve the security of our systems and protect users' data. We do reward security researchers who report serious and previously undiscovered issues. If you believe you have discovered a security vulnerability, please email our security team at with a description of the issue and any relevant details. After reviewing the report, appropriate action is taken to address the issue.

Does Appsmith support multi-user editing?

Appsmith supports multi-user editing with version control using Git which provides a way for multiple users to edit the app pages on different branches before they can be merged into the master branch. Making changes to the same page on the same branch can lead to loss of work, so it's recommended to make edits to the same page on different branches before merging them.

What is the pricing plan?

See Pricing for information about the Appsmith plans.