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Telemetry in Appsmith refers to the collection of data about how users interact with the platform. This data helps the Appsmith team identify usage patterns, troubleshoot issues, and make informed decisions about new features and improvements.

What data is collected?


Appsmith is a lightweight proxy and does not capture any data returned by your APIs, databases, or third-party tools. All data captured from a self hosted instance is completely anonymised.

Appsmith server

The Appsmith server sends a keep-alive ping every 6 hours to indicate that it is still running without any errors & captures anonymous usage data around which plugins are being used.

Sample event

"context": {
"library": {
"name": "analytics-java",
"version": "2.1.1"
"event": "execute_ACTION_TRIGGERED",
"integrations": {},
"messageId": "0f6b07ee-0717-413-808c-c25b09c0468",
"originalTimestamp": "2021-08-24T07:23:35.610Z",
"properties": {
"appId": "612465f87b2230debedfc6",
"appMode": "edit",
"appName": "APP1",
"datasource": {
"name": "Test App"
"instanceId": "612460418944011a10fa5b",
"isExampleApp": false,
"isSuccessfulExecution": true,
"name": "Test",
"orgId": "612464f7f230debedfc4",
"originService": "appsmith-server",
"pageId": "612465802230debedfc8",
"pageName": "Page1",
"pluginName": "PostgreSQL",
"statusCode": "",
"timeElapsed": 8,
"type": "DB",
"username": "70280e5d07e61e5e915e5d26ac8704bbd68d3f75ebad67ba439f4c354d7"
"receivedAt": "2021-08-24T07:23:39.996Z",
"sentAt": "2021-08-24T07:23:39.885Z",
"timestamp": "2021-08-24T07:23:35.721Z",
"type": "track",
"userId": "70280e5dd9e61e5e91526ac8704bbd68d3f75ebad67ba439f4c354d7",

Appsmith client

The client captures anonymous behavioral data around navigation and clicks.

Sample data

"anonymousId": "0b62ab60-02ad-4f69-a181-d9c5eb2f97fa",
"context": {
"ip": "",
"library": {
"name": "analytics.js",
"version": "4.0.4"
"locale": "en-US",
"page": {
"path": "/applications",
"referrer": "",
"search": "",
"title": "Editor | Appsmith",
"url": ""
"userAgent": "Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10_14_6) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/86.0.4240.111 Safari/537.36"
"integrations": {},
"messageId": "ajs-9176c8f5ebc607524746206ea6aa7502",
"originalTimestamp": "2020-11-04T10:52:14.616Z",
"properties": {},
"receivedAt": "2020-11-04T10:52:14.750Z",
"sentAt": "2020-11-04T10:52:14.618Z",
"timestamp": "2020-11-04T10:52:14.748Z",
"type": "track",
"userId": "a3d8b23b9b0cac986af79f4826d009463f8dfc372f188934710115491b7665a1"

Disable telemetry

You can either disable the telemetry from Admin Settings or by making changes to the docker.env file.

Admin Settings

  • Navigate to Admin Settings >> General >> Scroll to Share anonymous usage data.

  • Click Save & Restart to restart the container for the changes to take effect.

###Docker.env file

  • Navigate to the directory where the docker.env file is located.
  • Open the file in an editor and search for APPSMITH_DISABLE_TELEMETRY
  • Change the value of APPSMITH_DISABLE_TELEMETRY from false to true and save it
  • Navigate to the location where the docker-compose.yml file is located (docker host directory).
  • Restart the container using the command
sudo docker-compose rm -fsv appsmith && sudo docker-compose up -d
  • Once the container restarts, Appsmith is up and running.

You can verify that the telemetry is turned off by navigating to Admin Settings and checking the toggle for Share anonymous usage data.