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Global Objects

The Appsmith framework simplifies the creation of dynamic, data-driven applications that respond to user interactions in real-time. It consists of built-in global objects and framework functions, that enhance the development process and enable seamless user experiences. Global objects like Appsmith object, Console object, and Query object enable users to execute database queries, share data between pages using parameters, gather information about the application's current state, and facilitate code debugging. Framework functions serve as valuable tools for developers to enhance user experience and effectively interact with the application.

To know more about the objects and functions, refer to the resources below:

The Appsmith object is a global object that provides access to information and functionalities within an application through objects and utility functions.

The console object provides an easy way to send logging messages from the browser to the development console or to display messages in the browser when an error occurs.

The query object contains the parameters required to run queries and access the query data.

The Appsmith framework allows triggering actions for widget events and inside JS Objects. There are functions to navigate to another page, show alert messages, open/close modals, and store data in local storage.

JavaScript libraries provide a comprehensive array of capabilities for common tasks such as data manipulation, numeric operations, date and time handling, and more.

The Fetch API provides an interface for executing network calls programmatically. You can use fetch() to programmatically configure and execute a REST API.

Provides information on how to configure settings for functions