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Support at Appsmith

When users need help with Appsmith, prompt access to support is crucial. This page provides an overview of the available channels through which you can reach Appsmith support.


The Discord community serves as a valuable resource for users seeking help and community engagement. While it may not always be the primary channel for paid support, the support team is available to assist users in Discord. Here's how you can contact support through the Discord server:

  1. Join Appsmith on Discord Server.
  2. Navigate to the Support channel to raise queries.


If you need immediate help while using Appsmith, you can access support directly through the Intercom chat feature:

  • Click the Help button within Appsmith.
  • Select Chat with Us to start a conversation with the support team.

Priority support

Priority Support ensures expedited assistance for paid plan customers. Here's how you can access priority support:

  • Email: You can reach the support team directly via email at

  • Account Manager: Enterprise plan customers have the option to contact their dedicated Account Manager for personalized assistance.