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Writing Code in Appsmith

Welcome to the concepts section of writing code in Appsmith. In Appsmith, you can write code in JavaScript, to define application logic, manipulate data, and interact with UI elements. You'll primarily write code within:

  • JavaScript Objects (JSObjects): Here, you can define reusable functions and utility logic that can be invoked across your application.
  • Queries and APIs: Writing code to interact with databases or external services in a structured and secure manner.
  • Widgets: Appsmith offers a vast library of widgets, which can be programmatically controlled through JavaScript.

Understanding how to effectively write and integrate code is pivotal to harnessing Appsmith's full potential. This documentation will introduce you to the key concepts, best practices, and guidance necessary for writing code in Appsmith with confidence.

Let's get started on your journey to creating dynamic and responsive applications on the Appsmith platform!

JSObjects enable better organization of functions & variables

Run code on page load and learn how the settings work