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The query object contains the parameters required to run queries and access the query data.


The query object has the following properties that you can use to reference the query's response or check the status of the query.

data Array

data is a read-only property that contains the response body from the last successful execution of this query.


If this property is referenced in a widget's property field, the query is automatically run on page load. You can manually enable a query to run on page load from the query settings.

responseMeta object

The responseMeta object contains details about the response, such as the status code, headers, and other relevant information related to the query's execution and the server's response.



Query object has the following methods that enable you to run a query or clear a query response.

When you call the run() function of a query, it executes the query.


run(params: Object): Promise<data>
paramsAn object containing key-value pairs to pass into the query. You can access it using the key - {{ this.params.KEY_NAME }}.

run() is an asynchronous function that returns a promise and thus sequential code may not have the updated response of the query. Sequential code can be executed using the .then() and .catch() methods or the async/await syntax. The run function can't be invoked inside widget data properties but can be invoked from event handlers such as onClick.

// Using promise syntax to chain actions in sequence
.then((response) => {...}) // run after the query is successful
.catch(() => {...}) // run if the query encounters any errors

In certain scenarios, such as when running a query inside a loop, it may be necessary to pass parameters to the query with values that are contextual to the execution. For more information, see Pass Parameters to Queries.


This function clears all data from the query's data property.


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