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Query Settings

In the Appsmith Query Editor, you can specify the following settings in the Settings tab for an API or a DB query:

Run on page loadAPI and DB queryIt allows you to configure whether the query should load every time the page loads. By default, it's turned on for queries that display data on a widget. You can explicitly change this setting to suit your logic.
Request confirmationAPI and DB queryIt enables you to set up a confirmation pop-up before a query is run. It protects against users accidentally running destructive operations.
Query timeoutAPI and DB queryThe time till which Appsmith server waits for the query to execute before closing the connection. By default, it's set to 10000 ms. If your query takes longer than this to return results, Appsmith throws a timeout error. The maximum duration before a query times out is 6000 ms.
Prepared statementsDB queryExecute a statement with dynamic data bindings repeatedly and efficiently
Encode query paramsAPIEncode query params convert the special characters in params to their UTF equivalents. You can also encode the form body when the Content-Type header is set to FORM_URLENCODED.
Smart JSON substitutionAPIDynamically perform type conversions on field values in a request body

Prepared statements

A Prepared Statement is a feature provided by SQL databases to execute the same statement with dynamic data bindings securely. Appsmith supports using prepared statements by converting the user query into a parameterized query by replacing the bindings. That means the query created on the Appsmith has bindings for reading the widget values selected by users. By default, the prepared statement is enabled for all queries. To know more about Prepared statements in Appsmith, please check How to Use Prepared Statements?

Smart JSON substitution

The smart JSON substitution allows Appsmith to dynamically perform type conversions on field values in a request body. The video below illustrates how to use this feature:

How to use smart JSON substitution

Do you need help? Check out the API response troubleshooting guide or reach out on Discord to get support or ask questions on the community forum.