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Chain Functions and Promises

The Appsmith GUI is limited to a single onSuccess or onError callback, while the underlying framework has no limitation. To write complex workflows, you can enable JavaScript by clicking the JS toggle next to the event listener. You can perform operations such as chaining multiple queries and executing them in a specific order or conditionally executing a query based on the result of another query.

Every query object has a run() method used to execute the query.


Once you have configured actions using the GUI, you can click the JS icon next to the event to view the JavaScript equivalent of your configuration and then modify the code per your requirement.

Conditional execution

You can chain queries to execute conditionally based on the value of a widget or the response from another query or a JS function.


This example shows how the queries execute conditionally based on the option chosen in the Select widget.

Query_Selector.selectedOptionValue === 'Movies' ? :;

This example shows multiple conditional statements that execute queries based on the option chosen in the select widget and also display relevant messages based on the response from the fetchPendingUsers query.

statusDropdown.selectedOptionValue === "Pending" ? => { === 0
? showAlert("No Users Pending Approval", "info")
: showAlert("Fetched Users", "success");