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Instance Management

Updating to the latest release

You can perform a manual update of your Appsmith instance by running the following commands in the Appsmith installation directory.

// To restart appsmith without docker compose
docker pull appsmith/appsmith-ce && docker restart appsmith

// To restart appsmith with docker compose
docker-compose pull && docker-compose up -d --force-recreate appsmith

Switching off auto-updates

In your docker-compose.yml file, the auto_update container is responsible for periodically checking for updates to Appsmith and applying those updates. If you wish to disable this auto-updating, please run the following command:

docker-compose rm -s -v -f auto_update

This will bring down the auto_update container, and update checks are no-longer performed. Note that however, if you run docker-compose up -d later, for any reason, then this auto_update will be brought up again. You can use that to turn auto-updates on again in the future.

To check if auto updates are turned on in your instance, please run docker-compose ps and see if there a server called auto_update listed in the output, and if it's status is Up. If not, then auto updates are turned off for your instance.