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What is Appsmith?

Appsmith is a low code, open-source developer tool to build internal applications quickly.

You can drag and drop pre-built widgets to build UI on a grid-style canvas. Appsmith simplifies frontend and backend integration between the UI and the datasource to optimize building applications. Appsmith supports JavaScript inside widgets, queries, and almost any other component to add logic, transform data, and define complex workflows.


Build CRUD apps, Dashboards, Admin Panels, Dynamic Forms, and much more 10x faster.

How Appsmith Works

  • Connect Datasource: Integrate with a datasource such as a database or an API. Appsmith has plug-and-play support for many databases and the RESTful API interface to connect with most tools seamlessly.
  • Build UI: Use customizable built-in widgets to build an app layout quickly.
  • Access Data: Connect UI to the datasource by writing queries and binding the data to widgets. Control everything with JavaScript.
  • Collaborate, Deploy, Share: Appsmith also supports version control with Git to track changes, create rollbacks and collaborate using git branches. Deploy the app and share it with other users.

You can build anything from simple CRUD apps to complicated multi-step workflows with these simple steps. Appsmith makes it easy to build a UI that talks to any datasource.

Got 2 minutes? Here's a video overview of Appsmith:

Get Started

There are two ways of using Appsmith:

First Steps

New Users

If you are new to Appsmith, this is the place to start:

Quickstart Tutorial
Build your first app using Appsmith
Core Concepts
Everything you need to know about Appsmith fundamentals
Reach out to us for any questions

Advanced Users

If you are an intermediate to advanced user, we recommend going through the topics below:


If you think we need to include something in this documentation, please fill out this short questionnaire! Alternatively, you can shoot an email to, and we’ll get working on it!

Other Resources

Are you still having trouble? We want to help! Reach out to us on Discord to get support or ask questions on our community forum.