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Parameterised Queries

Passing parameters to queries in Appsmith allows your application to interact with data sources dynamically. It results in a more personalized and interactive experience for users, as data can be fetched or manipulated based on user input or application state.

Using mustache syntax for static parameters

Appsmith utilizes the Mustache Binding Syntax ({{ }}) for passing static parameters to queries. You can refer to widget properties, JavaScript Object variables & applicaton state directly within your queries using this syntax.

Example: Fetching user data

For a query named GetUserData, to fetch data based on a username input from TextInput1:

SELECT * FROM users WHERE username = '{{TextInput1.text}}'

The value within {{TextInput1.text}} is used when the query is executed.

Passing parameters at runtime using run()

For dynamic interactions where parameters need to be passed at runtime, the run() function is used. This allows for parameters to be set right when an event, like a button click, occurs.

Execution with runtime parameters

When invoking the run() function on a query, you can pass an object containing key-value pairs. Inside the query, these can be accessed via this.params.

For example, when a SubmitButton is pressed, invoke SubmitQuery with a parameter:

{{{ userInput: UserInput.text }) }}

Accessing runtime parameters inside the query

The this.params object within SubmitQuery grants access to the passed parameters:

INSERT INTO submissions (user_input) VALUES ({{this.params.userInput}})

This binds the value of userInput passed at the time of the run() call.


Ensure the keys used in the run() function align with those referenced within the query. This consistency is crucial for accurate data binding.

Handling complex data types and structures

Runtime parameters aren't limited to simple data types; objects and arrays can be used as well.

Example: Inserting user details

Passing user details as an object when a button is clicked:

user: { name: UserNameInput.text, age: UserAgeInput.text },

The query CreateUserQuery inserts data into the users table:

INSERT INTO users (name, age) VALUES ('{{}}', '{{this.params.user.age}}')


Appsmith provides flexibility for passing parameters to queries both statically with Mustache Binding Syntax and dynamically using the run() function. This enables applications built on Appsmith to react intelligently to user interactions and provide a dynamic and secure user experience. Remember to employ best practices, including input validation, to uphold application integrity and security.