You may have these questions and we want to answer.

What type of apps are built on Appsmith?

You can use Appsmith to build internal tools that need to access and update data. Tools like customer support dashboards, offer management consoles & product cataloging systems are all prime use cases for Appsmith. You can also use it as a clean UI layer over manually triggered scripts, confusing deployment pipelines & basic database CRUD operations. There's very little preventing you from using Appsmith to bring any idea to life but we've optimised the product to make building internal tools a hassle free experience.

How is Appsmith different from other app builders?

Appsmith is a developer-first product optimised for building internal tools. We don't take the fun out of coding by making you work only with visual building blocks but at the same time, we make it really easy for you to not have to worry about mundane tasks like writing API calls and parsing responses. You get these all out of the box. We also add some simple styling options to make your tools look great without getting a designer involved.

Can I write code in Appsmith?

Yes, absolutely. You can write JS code anywhere inside the product within {{ }}. We know how complex and intricate business logic can be and trying to build it without code can get excruciating. Appsmith bridges mundane API and UI configurations with powerful code expressions to let you build apps the way you see fit.

Is my data safe?

Appsmith safely encrypts all your database credentials and stores them securely. Appsmith also does not store any data returned from your data sources and acts only as a proxy layer to orchestrate the API / Query calls. Appsmith is open source and can be fully audited and deployed on-premise to ensure none of your data leaves your VPC.

What if I get stuck building an app on Appsmith?

We sincerely hope this never happens to anyone but we acknowledge that there can be road blocks. At this juncture we're working on a way for you to be able to write custom react components and plugins to unblock you from any platform limitations. In the meantime, if absence of any feature is limiting you, you can write to support@appsmith.com or reach out to us on our discord server

What can't I do on Appsmith?

Appsmith isn't built for complicated UI interactions that are common to e-commerce or other consumer facing websites. It works great for tools internal to your team or organization but you wouldn't get very far trying to build an attractive consumer website. For those use cases, we'd recommend you try Wix, Squarespace or Webflow. You can also perform some simple data visualisation & charting on Appsmith but for more in-depth business intelligence & analytics, we'd recommend Tableau, Looker or Redash.