Review Moderator Dashboard
Overview of the tutorial
In this tutorial, you'll learn to build a feature-complete internal tool on top of a real business dataset using Appsmith. The application is a multi-page dashboard that lets you browse through all the business information and moderate individual reviews provided by users.
Level: Beginner ⏱️ Time: ~40 minutes
🙌 What you'll learn in this tutorial:
  • Connecting to Data Sources on Appsmith (APIs/DB Queries)
  • Binding Data onto different UI Widgets.
  • Writing JS on Appsmith for Complex Views.
  • Deploy and Manage your Applications.
  • Use various widgets such as charts, lists, maps, tables, etc.
A Glimpse of the Review Moderator App
The tutorial has four parts & we recommend you follow them in order. Now before getting started, let's set up Appsmith. You could either use the self-hosted version using Docker or Appsmith cloud and follow along.
Note: To set up Appsmith locally using Docker, you can follow the instructions here.
Let's get started with the tutorial, so first, let's set up the app.
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