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Review Moderator Dashboard

In this tutorial, you'll learn to build a feature-complete internal tool on top of a real business dataset using Appsmith. The application is a multi-page dashboard that lets you browse through all the business information and moderate individual reviews provided by users.


Level: Beginner\ ⏱️ Time: ~40 minutes

🙌 What you'll learn in this tutorial:

  • Connecting to Data Sources on Appsmith (APIs/DB Queries)
  • Binding Data onto different UI Widgets.
  • Writing JS on Appsmith for Complex Views.
  • Deploy and Manage your Applications.
  • Use various widgets such as charts, lists, maps, tables, etc.
A Glimpse of the Review Moderator App

The tutorial has four parts & we recommend you follow them in order. Now before getting started, let's set up Appsmith. You could either use the self-hosted version using Docker or Appsmith cloud and follow along.


To set up Appsmith locally using Docker, you can follow the instructions here.

Let's get started with the tutorial, so first, let's set up the app.