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Frame Ancestors

Starting with Appsmith v1.7.10, you can control where your apps can be loaded in a frame.

Why should I control this?

Allowing your Appsmith apps to be embedded on any website makes them susceptible to clickjacking attacks. Controlling this is one of the simplest ways to avoid these attacks.

By default, starting Appsmith v1.7.10, apps cannot be loaded in a frame/iframe on domains other than the app's domain. That is, if your Appsmith is available at, then only pages on can embed apps.

To change/customize this, use the APPSMITH_ALLOWED_FRAME_ANCESTORS environment variable. To allow another domain like to also embed apps from your Appsmith, use:


Or, to allow all subdomains on, use:


You can add multiple entries by separating them with spaces. For example:


Under the covers, this feature uses a Content-Security-Policy header with the frame-ancestors directive. You can read more on the same here.