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To configure Gmail as your SMTP server for Appsmith, begin by logging into your Gmail account. To start, you must set up an App Password within your Gmail account settings.


To use App Passwords, please enable 2-factor authentication for your Gmail account. For more information on App Passwords, see this reference.

Find the "App Passwords" section under the Security tab.

  • Click on the App passwords section.
  • On the next screen, find two dropdown boxes labeled Select app and Select device.

  • In the Select app box, choose Mail.
  • In the Select device box, choose Other and enter a name for your Appsmith instance.
  • Click Generate to create your App password.
  • The next screen contains your App password. Copy this password to your clipboard.

Generate App Password

  • Paste your new Gmail App Password into your SMTP datasource's Password field.

You can also configure the email service provider using Admin settings.