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Email is a widely used service to communicate with your users. You can set up email integration on your Appsmith instance to:

  • Invite users to your Appsmith workspace
  • Notify admins of important events & approval requests
  • Handle user management emails such as invites and password resets

Password resets for user accounts are handled by emails from the Appsmith instance. If you would like users to be able to perform this action, ensure that your instance has been configured to handle email notifications.

Appsmith allows you to configure email using environment variables or the admin settings.

Configure using environment variables

Appsmith requires the following environment variables to be configured:

APPSMITH_MAIL_ENABLEDSet it to true to enable the email service.
APPSMITH_MAIL_FROMSet it to the verified email of the sender.
APPSMITH_REPLY_TOSet it to the email that should receive replies by default.
APPSMITH_MAIL_HOSTSet it to the SMTP Host of the email service provider.
APPSMITH_MAIL_PORTSet it to the SMTP Port available for the email service provider.
APPSMITH_MAIL_SMTP_TLS_ENABLEDEnables transport layer security if set to true.
APPSMITH_MAIL_SMTP_AUTHSet it to true to share the credentials (APPSMITH_MAIL_USERNAME ** and ** APPSMITH_MAIL_PASSWORD) with the SMTP server.
APPSMITH_MAIL_USERNAMESet it to the username for accessing the SMTP service provider.
APPSMITH_MAIL_PASSWORDSet it to the password for the SMTP user. You can also set it to the API key generated by the email service provider for the SMTP user.

Be sure to double-check your configuration if you find that you're able to send test mail but not invites or password resets.

Restart the Appsmith instance once the environment variables are configured.

Configure using admin settings

You can configure the email for your self-hosted instance using the Admin Settings page. Follow the below steps:

  • Navigate to profile >> Admin Settings >> Select Email.

Add Configuration Details

  • Add configuration details provided by your email service provider.

    • SMTP Host - SMTP host of your email service provider
    • SMTP Port - SMTP port of your email service provider
    • From Address - a verified email address to be shown in the from field when users receive an email
    • TLS Protected Connection - Bey default is enabled. Toggle back to disable
    • SMTP Username - Add the username for your email service provider
    • SMTP Password - Add the password for your email service provider
  • Click the SAVE & RESTART button to save the configurations and restart the Appsmith instance with the updated settings.

Once your instance is restarted, you can use the SEND TEST EMAIL button to send a test email. You should see a message at the top of the page telling you whether the test succeeded or failed. On success, you should also receive a test email in your email inbox.

Configuration guides

Follow the below guides to configure popular email service providers: