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Custom MongoDB & Redis

Appsmith runs it's own instances of MongoDB database for storing all application data, and Redis for storing session information. It's easy to switch to externally running instances of these services, by just changing the relevant environment variables.


If you are currently using an older version of MongoDB, it's important to upgrade to version 5.0 before connecting Appsmith to an external MongoDB instance. For more information, follow the steps detailed on MongoDB official documentation to Upgrade a Replica Set to 5.0.

Custom MongoDB

To point to a custom MongoDB, update the env variable called APPSMITH_MONGODB_URI to point to your custom MongoDB server. For example, if you are using MongoDB Cloud, you can change this to something like the following:


The exact URI to be set here can be obtained from MongoDB Cloud's web interface.

  • Use a MongoDB database with Appsmith, replicaSet needs to be configured on the database. This can be done by connecting to the database as admin, and running rs.initiate(). If you are using MongoDB Cloud, this is always done for you.

  • Ensure that the credentials used to connect to MongoDB should have the readWrite and clusterMonitor roles assigned.

Custom Redis

To use a custom Redis with Appsmith, please change the env variable APPSMITH_REDIS_URL. For example,


Applying changes

Please remember to restart the Appsmith instance to apply the changes.