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Configure HTTP/HTTPS Proxy

Appsmith offers support for running behind a forward proxy, which is beneficial when deploying Appsmith on a server behind a corporate firewall, and allows internet access through a proxy server. This page provides instructions for configuring HTTP/HTTPS proxy server on your self-hosted Appsmith instance.


  • A self-hosted Appsmith instance. See the installation guides to set up your Appsmith instance.

Add Proxy details to the configuration file

Follow these steps to configure HTTP/HTTPS proxy for your self-hosted instance:

  1. Go to your Appsmith instance configuration file, such as the docker.env file for Docker or the values.yaml file for Kubernetes.
  2. Use any one of the below pair of environment variables to set proxy:


b. http_proxy and/or https_proxy

For example, add the chosen environment variables as shown below:

  1. Save the changes and restart the Appsmith instance.
  2. When using an HTTPS proxy, you may want to add a trusted custom Certificate Authority (CA) to Appsmith. See Custom Root CA Certificate to set up a certificate authority.


If you face issues, contact the support team using the chat widget at the bottom right of this page.