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Custom CA Root Certificate

You can install custom CA root certificates in your Appsmith container. It is useful when:

  1. You interact with internal endpoints that use private SSL certificates via Appsmith without disabling SSL verification.
  2. If you have your Appsmith instance behind a firewall or a proxy, that requires SSL decryption.

Setup custom CA root folder

You can easily do this:

  • By creating a ca-certs folder in your stacks folder
  • Saving all the CA root certificates in the ca-certs folder
  • Restart Appsmith

If your cert file has a .pem extension, rename it to .crt. You should add it to the stacks/ca-certs folder so that it can be picked up.

Appsmith checks the ca-certs folder for CA root certificates and applies them on startup.


If you remove a certificate from the ca-certs folder, it's also removed from the trust store and won't be trusted anymore.