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Get Container Logs


This guide applies to docker-compose and docker installations.

Appsmith logs can be found in the stacks directory on the docker host


The logs directory contains the sub-directories below for each service:

appsmithctl backend cron editor mongodb redis rts

If you don’t remember where your stacks directory is located, run

docker inspect -f '{{ (index .Mounts 0).Source }}' <your-appsmith-container-id>

Alternatively, you can run the commands below on your shell to create a zip file containing the logs.

appsmithContainerID=<your appsmith container id>
targetZipFile=<path to target zip file>
service=<choose one of: appsmithctl backend cron editor mongodb redis rts | leave blank for all services>
stacksPath=$(docker inspect -f '{{ (index .Mounts 0).Source }}' $appsmithContainerID)
zip -r $targetZipFile "$stacksPath/logs/$service"

Docker in remote servers

  • SSH into the remote server and note the absolute path of the stacks directory.
  • If you don’t remember the path, use the docker inspect command as shown in the above section to locate it.
  • Exit from the remote server
  • In your local shell, run the command
scp -r -C -i <your-ssh-key>.pem <user>@<host-ip>:<abs-path-to-stacks-dir>/logs/<service> <target-local-dir>


scp -r -C -i <your-ssh-key>.pem appsmith@<host-ip>:/home/appsmith/appsmith/stacks/logs/<service> <target-local-dir>

DigitalOcean droplet

scp -r -C root@<host-ip>:/root/appsmith/stacks/logs/<service> <target-local-dir>


  1. Run the command and note the name and namespace of the Appsmith POD.

    kubectl get pods -A

  2. Run the command

kubectl cp <namespace>/<appsmith-pod-name>:/appsmith-stacks/logs/<service> <target-local-dir>



Please switch to the old AWS console to follow the instructions here

  1. Navigate to your ECS cluster in the AWS console

Navigate to the ECS cluster

  1. Select the service running Appsmith, and switch to the Tasks tab. Click the task running the Appsmith container. Important You may need to switch the task filter to see the Stopped Tasks to find the task where the issue occurred if ECS rolled out a new task after the crash.

Select service and switch to the tasks tab

  1. In the Tasks page, Find appsmith in the Container Section and expand it, to find the Log Configuration, and click view logs in CloudWatch

Log configuration

  1. In the CloudWatch Logs page, click the Actions button and hit download search results in CSV, to download the logs.

CloudWatch logs

Azure Container Instance (ACI)

  1. Navigate to your Storage Accounts in the Azure portal

    Storage account Azure portal

  2. Click the File Share mounted to the Appsmith ACI instance.

    Click the File Share

  3. Click Browse on the sidebar menu

    Click to Browse

  4. In the file share browser, open the logs directory.

  5. Open the directory for the service for which the logs are required.

    Open logs directory

  6. Select the log file and hit download.

    Download the log file

You may also choose to access the logs of the container instance using the az container logs command.

az container logs --resource-group myResourceGroup --name mycontainer