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MongoDB Startup Error Post Migration to Version 5

Error Message

When attempting to start MongoDB after migrating to version 5, you may encounter the following error:

Illegal instruction (core dumped) mongod `–fork –port 27017 –dbpath` “$MONGO_DB_PATH


MongoDB version 5 has elevated CPU architecture requirements, such as requiring support for AVX instructions. If your server's CPU does not meet these requirements, MongoDB will fail to start.


To address this issue, you have the following options:

  1. Upgrade your infrastructure to ensure it is compliant with MongoDB's CPU requirements. Review the System Requirements for MongoDB 5 to ensure compatibility.

  2. Utilize an external MongoDB service that meets the version 5 or higher standards. MongoDB Atlas offers managed MongoDB hosting which you can use.

  3. If upgrading your infrastructure is not feasible at the moment, and you need a temporary workaround, consider temporarily downgrading Appsmith. Subsequently, when your MongoDB upgrade is complete, you can update to the latest version of Appsmith for the newest enhancements.

To downgrade Appsmith to v1.8.15, follow these steps:

Downgrade process

  1. Navigate to your Appsmith server and modify the docker-compose.yml file to use the older version of Appsmith:
  • For the Community Edition:
container_name: appsmith
  • For the Commercial Edition:
container_name: appsmith
  1. Restart the services by executing:
docker-compose up -d

Initiating the services with the downgraded version of Appsmith will apply the necessary schema adjustments to your instance.