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Access Control

Invite users to your workspace by clicking on the share button on the application home page or from inside the application

Invite the user's email you wish to share the application with and select an appropriate role for them.


Appsmith implements RBAC by assigning a set of permissions to different user roles. These permissions determine the actions users can take on the platform. Below is the permission mapping for each role

  • Administrator:
    • Create/Edit App
    • View App
    • Make App Public
    • Invite Users
    • Manage Users
  • Developer
    • Create/Edit App
    • View App
    • Invite Users
  • App Viewer
    • View App
    • Invite Users as App Viewers only


  • Create/Edit App: This permission allows users to create and edit applications within a workspace.
  • View App: This permission allows users to view & use applications internal to the workspace
  • Make App Public: This permission allows users to mark applications as accessible outside the workspace.
  • Invite Users: This permission allows users to invite others with a role equal to or lower than theirs.
  • Manage Users. This permission allows users to delete users from a workspace.

Public Apps

Applications can be made public and shared with external users not part of your workspace as well. These applications will not require users to authenticate to use them. An app can be made public by clicking the share button from within the application and turning the public application switch on. To share the application, copy the link shown in the modal and share it with your users!


Only Administrators can make applications public.