Google OAuth
Configure Google OAuth to enable login via Google for the Appsmith installation
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To enable Google Sign in, login to your google cloud console
1. Navigate to the OAuth consent section under APIs & Services
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2. Configure the consent screen with the domain on which you want to host Appsmith
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3. Navigate to the credentials section and create new OAuth Credentials
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4. Configure the OAuth Credentials for a web application
Javascript Origins: The domain on which you are hosting Appsmith with https (ex:
Redirect URIs: Append /login/oauth2/code/google to your Javascript origins (ex:
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5. Update the instance configuration with the following fields
# Example docker configuration
# ******** Google OAuth ********
# ******************************
  • Configure the APPSMITH_OAUTH2_GOOGLE_CLIENT_ID and APPSMITH_OAUTH2_GOOGLE_CLIENT_SECRET fields with the client ID and client secret generated in the step above
  • Configre APPSMITH_OAUTH2_ALLOWED_DOMAINS with a second-level domain name (ex:, to only allow users with an email address from that domain name to log in (ex: [email protected])
    • Note: you can provide several domain names using a comma-separated list
Google Login should now be enabled for your Appsmith installation. If you are running appsmith behind an ELB / Proxy, please configure Nginx following this guide
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