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OpenID Connect SSO

OpenID Connect (OIDC) is an authentication protocol built on OAuth2.0 paradigm. You can use OIDC to securely sign-in users to your application.


OpenID Connect is available only in the business edition for self-hosted instances, and only the Superuser of your Appsmith Instance can set up OIDC.

Capture Redirect URL for OIDC Configuration


You will have to add the redirect URL to your preferred OIDC Provider’s settings.

For OIDC configuration in Appsmith, follow the steps below (the below steps are irrespective of the SSO provider you choose):

  • On your Appsmith Application, go to Profile > Admin Settings.

Navigate to Profile and click on Admin settings

  • Navigate to Authentication and open the types of authentication available on Appsmith.

Click Authentication

  • Select OIDC, click on Enable

Click enable to set up OIDC.

  • Copy the Redirect URL

Copy the Redirect URL


Save the Redirect URL as you’ll need it to configure in OIDC Provider’s settings.


You can choose to integrate with any one of the following OIDC providers by clicking on any of them below.

OIDC Providers

Appsmith provides some popular OIDC integrations that you can choose from. Click on the available providers to follow the exhaustive guide for integrating with them: