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Merging Branches

When you want to merge your branch with the base branch -

  1. Click on the Merge button at the bottom left corner of the screen. It will open the merge tab
  2. Select your base branch and check the merge status
    1. The base and head branches shouldn't have any uncommitted changes.
    2. The remote counterpart of the base branch shouldn't have any commits that are missing locally (the local and remote versions should be in sync.)
    3. The base and the head branch shouldn't have any conflicting changes.
  3. Click on Merge Changes if the merge status check is successful.


Consider a scenario where the user1 wants to develop a new feature and have a single branch main . As a general practice user creates feature/f1 from the main branch. At the same time, user2 updates the main branch with the same resources like page, query, or JSObject that user1 modifies on the feature/f1 branch. If user1 tries to merge feature/f1 to main , it leads to a merge conflict.

You can resolve it in the following way:

  • Create a pull request with main as the base branch;
  • Resolve the conflicts on remote branches (Between origin/f1 and origin/main );
  • Once the conflicts are resolved, merge this new branch(origin/f1 ) into the old branch( origin/main );

( origin/main **<-** origin/f1 )

  • Pull the main branch again in your app. Now you should have all the changes from the feature/f1 branch;
  • Delete branch origin/feature/f1 on remote;
  • Sync branch with remote to remove feature/f1 from the local repository.