The following document assumes that you understand the basics of connecting to databases on Appsmith. If not, please go over them before reading further.

Connection Settings

Appsmith needs the following parameters for connecting to a Arango database:
All required fields are suffixed with an asterisk (*).


You need to fill in the following parameters:
  • Host Address* / Port: Fill in the database host’s address and port. If you don’t specify a port, Appsmith
    will try to connect to port 8529.
  • Database Name*: Fill in the name of the database that you want to connect to. This is your database’s name.


You need to fill in the following parameters:
  • Username*: Fill username required for authenticating connection requests to your database.
  • Password*: Fill password required for authenticating connection requests for the given username to the database.

SSL (Optional)

The SSL Mode can be set to one of the following values:
  • Default: Same as Disabled.
  • Enabled: Reject connection, if SSL is not available.
  • Disabled: Connect without SSL, use a plain unencrypted connection.

Querying ArangoDB

Arango databases can be queried using the AQL syntax. All AQL queries return an array of objects where each object is a row returned by the query and each property in the object is a column.

Using Queries in applications

Once you have successfully run a Query, you can use it in your application to
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