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The following document assumes that you understand the basics of connecting to databases on Appsmith. If not, please go over them before reading further.

Connection settings

Appsmith needs the following information to connect to a Redis instance.

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After filling up the three fields as described preceding, click the "Test" button to verify the configuration and click Save.

Querying Redis

The Redis query pane can be used to run any of the commands supported by Redis. The response from this command is displayed in the result window.

Checking connection

The connection to a Redis instance can be verified using a simple PING command.


Inserting a key

A new key value pair can be inserted into the cache using the SET command as follows.

SET key_name new_value

Retrieving a key

Stored key value pairs can be retrieved using the GET command.

GET key_name

Using queries in applications

Once you have successfully run a Query, you can use it in your application to