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Import from Repository

Import Apps from Git

​If you already have an Appsmith App in a Git repository, you can import it to a new workspace or a different Appsmith account. Follow the steps given below:

  • On the Appsmith workspace home, click on desired workspace's Menu button and select Import.
  • Choose the Import from a Git repo option on the import application pop-up. You'll be navigated to an Import from the Git Repository screen.
  • Add your Repository’s SSH URL and click on Generate key.
Version Control with Git
  • Add the Deploy key to your repository.
  • Go back to the Git connection window and configure the user settings and click on Import.
  • Once the import is complete, you’ll see a data source configuration modal where you can configure the data sources used by the imported Application. We do not export any configuration values used for connecting a data source. So either you have to configure it in the data source configuration modal, or you can skip this and choose to configure it later.

If the imported workspace already has a data source with the same name but a different type, the import will fail due to name conflicts. For example, suppose a git-connected application has a MongoDB data source - "movies." You are importing it to a workspace that has a Postgres data source also named "movies". In such a case, the import will fail.