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Connecting to Git Repository

To connect your app with git, follow the steps below:

Creating a new Repository

  • Create a new repository on your git service and copy the SSH URL. The repository should be empty except, .gitignore, and LICENSE files (These can be auto-created when you create a new repository.)

Generating a Deploy key

  • Open the app you want to connect to git and click on the Connect GIT button on the bottom bar.
  • In the Git connection window, paste your repository’s SSH URL and click on Generate key to generate an SSH key.
Generating a Deploy key

Adding the deploy key in the Repository

  • Copy the generated deploy key and add it to your repository. Please note that you have to enable write access for pushing the changes to the remote repo from Appsmith.

For Github

  • Open the settings of the repository and go to deploy keys.
  • Click on “Add deploy key.” Add a title for the key and paste the generated key into the key section.
  • Check the “Allow write access” checkbox and add the key.
Adding the deploy key in the Repository | Github

For Gitlab

  • Open the Settings> Repository and expand the deploy keys section.
  • Click on "Add key", Add the title and paste the generated key in the key section.
  • Check the "Grant write permissions" to this key and add the key.
Adding the deploy key in the Repository | Gitlab

For Bitbucket

  • Open "Personal settings" from the bottom right corner and go to "SSH keys".
  • Click on "Add key", add the label and paste the generated key in the key section.
Adding the deploy key in the Repository | Bitbucket

AWS CodeCommit isn't supported as a source control repository due to their lack of support for deploy keys.

User Configurations

  • In user settings, define the user configurations. By default, the global user configurations are used. Click on the Edit button or directly open the profile section to change the global configurations. If you want to add a user configuration specific to the current app, you must uncheck the "use default configuration" checkbox and enter the author details below.
User Settings | Git Sync

Finally, click on connect, and if the connection is successful, your repository will have a file. On the Git window, you’ll move to the Deploy section, where you can make an initial commit.

Initial Commit | Git Sync

In the community edition, You can connect up to three private repositories in a workspace. If you wish to connect more, you can upgrade to the Business Edition. However, you can connect unlimited public repositories.