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Connect Git Repository

The first step to using version control in Appsmith is to connect your remote repository with the app. Please follow the steps given below:


Create a new repository on your Git hosting service and copy the SSH URL. The repository shouldn't contain any files.


Version Control works with any Git hosting service that supports SSH protocol and deploy keys. HTTPS Git connections are currently not supported on Appsmith.

Generate a deploy key

  1. Open the Appsmith app you want to connect to Git and click the Connect Git button on the left of the bottom bar.

  2. In the Git connection Modal, paste your repository’s SSH URL and click the Generate Key button to generate an SSH key.

    Click to generate deploy key

  3. Pick the key that's compatible with your Git hosting service. Appsmith supports two types of keys - ECDSA 256 and RSA 4096. To select a key, Click icon and select the desired key.

  4. Copy the SSH key.

Add the deploy key in the Repository

  1. In your repository, go to the Settings tab.
  2. On the navigation bar, under Security, click Deploy Keys.
  3. Click Add deploy key. Add a title for the key and paste the generated SSH key in the Key input box.
  4. Select the Allow write access checkbox.
  5. Click Add key.

Complete Git setup

Go back to Git connection Modal in Appsmith and click Connect, it may take some time and when the connection is successful, the app is added to your repository by system generated commit.


For self-hosted instances, to maintain the Git repositories, please update the local file path.

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