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Insert Input Fields Dynamically

This page shows how to insert or delete input fields dynamically in a List widget.

  1. Drag a List widget onto the canvas.

  2. Appsmith auto-populates the List with default widgets. Delete the widgets from the first List item.

  3. In the Items property, delete the default JSON and bind data from the local storage.

    Example: This code binds the data corresponding to inputValue in the local storage.

    {{( || [])}}
  4. Drop an Input widget to the first item in the List.

  5. In the Input widget's property pane, set the Text property.

    Example: In this example, currentIndex is the index of the current list item.

    Input no. {{(currentIndex + 1)}}
  6. Add two Icon Buttons to the canvas. In the property pane of these widgets, set the Icon to + plus and - minus to add and remove Inputs, respectively.

  7. Add an Execute a JS function action to the onClick event of the + plus Icon button. This function adds an entry to the List and saves the data as an array using the storeValue() function.

    Example: This code sets the id of dynamically added inputs based on the last item's index.

    addInput: async () => {
    let index = ? 0;
    storeValue('inputValue',[...(||[]), {input:"", id: index}],false);
  8. Add an action to the 0nTextChanged event of the Input widget to update the store value corresponding to the Input.


    updateStore: async () => {
  9. Add an Execute a JS function action to the onClick event of the minus icon button. This function deletes inputs and their corresponding values.


    removeInput: async () => {;
    storeValue('inputValue',, false);
  10. To test, click the + plus and - minus Icon buttons to add and remove an Input widget from the List.