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Browse and Display Documents

This guide shows how to organize and display documents using the Tabs widget.

Browse and Display Documents
Browse and Display Documents
  1. Connect the Table widget to a query containing document-related columns, either in base64 or URL format.

  2. Drop a Tabs widget to organize and browse multiple documents.

  3. For each Tab, add an appropriate widget based on the document type present in the respective column:

  • For images (PNG, JPG, SVG), use the Image widget.
  • For document files such as PDF, TXT, PPTX, and others, use the Document Viewer widget.
  1. To display the document, connect the selected row of the Table widget to the Image or Document Viewer widget, like:

If you don't know the file type of that column, you can create a JS function to change the visibility of widgets dynamically. Enable JS and following code in Visible property:

//For Image 
{{Docs_Table.selectedRow.doc_type_passport.includes(".jpg") || false}}

//For Document Viewer
{{Docs_Table.selectedRow.doc_type_passport.includes(".pdf") || false}}

// If the image is in base64 format, you can handle it by checking if the imageUrl starts with the prefix `data:image/`.

The above code displays an Image or a Document Viewer based on the file type of a selected row, showing the Image if it's a JPG file, and displaying the Document Viewer otherwise.

  1. Configure the Zoom level property to allow users to zoom into the document, and Enable download to allow users to download that document.