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Polling for data updates

Polling is a communication technique used to retrieve real-time data by periodically fetching the data. This page shows you how to establish a data polling mechanism for your applications.

Real-Time Data using Polling
Real-Time Data using Polling
  1. Configure the fetch query and connect it with a Table widget to display the data.

Example: To display real-time delivery status updates from a query, add the following code into the Table data property.

  1. Drop a Switch widget to enable the toggling of updates at regular intervals.

  2. Create a new JSObject and configure the function using the setInterval() function to implement polling:

Example: When the switch is turned on, the query is executed every 5 seconds. If the switch is turned off, use the clearInterval() function to stop the polling process:

export default {
startAutoRefresh() {
if (Switch1.isSwitchedOn) {
setInterval(() =>, 5000, "autorefresh");
} else {
  1. Set the onChange event of the Switch widget to execute the JS function.