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Create Nested Lists

You can nest lists within a List widget up to three levels. The level_* property can be used to access the parent List item's data and widget properties where * represents the level number (from 1 through 3).

Suppose there is a parent list - parentList, and a child list - childList1. The widgets present in the inner list childList1 can access the values of an attribute/field in the dataset using the currentItem property of the outer list parentList as shown below:


You can use the currentView and currentIndex properties similarly.

Suppose there is another List widget childList2 inside childList1. The innermost list, childList2 can access two levels - level_1 and level_2. Here, level_1 represents the data and state of the topmost list widget, parentList and level_2 represents childList1.

The parent list widgets don't have access to it's child list widgets. In the preceding example, the widgets in childList1 can't use level_2 or level_3 to access the data in it child lists. Similarly, childList1 can only access level_1 and not level_2, but childList2 can access both level_1 and level_2.