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Insert CSV Data

This guide walks you through the process of inserting multiple rows into a datasource using CSV data uploaded through the Filepicker widget.


  • A connected datasource to insert data. For the list of datasources supported by Appsmith, see Datasources.

Insert multiple rows using CSV data

To insert multiple rows using CSV data and a Filepicker widget, follow these steps:

  1. Select Array of Objects as the Data format in the Filepicker widget's property.

  2. Use the files property of the Filepicker widget to insert multiple rows into your datasource. For example to insert multiple rows into a PostgreSQL datasource use the following code where users is the table and user_details is the Filepicker widget:

       INSERT INTO users (id, phone, name, gender, latitude, longitude, dob, email, image, country)
    FROM json_populate_recordset(null::users, '{{user_details.files[0].data}}');

    When prepared statements are enabled and widget bindings are used, quotes are not required.

    Appsmith automatically parses the CSV file and converts the data to JSON format. This example uses json_populate_recordset PostgreSQL function to convert the JSON array to a set of specified SQL-typed values.

    To insert multiple rows in GSheets, see Insert multiple rows.


    Column details in the CSV should match the column details in the datasource. Appsmith does not insert data for a mismatched column.

  3. You can format the data within the JSON before inserting it into the datasource. Here is an example of a JS object that formats dob using Moment.js and concatenates the name and lastname to populate the name of users:

    	transform: () =>{
    return user_details.files[0] => {
    return {
    dob : moment(u.dob).format('MMMM DD YYYY, h:mm:ss a'),
    name: + u.lastname

    You can then use this JSON object to insert data.

  4. In the Filepicker widget's property pane, set the onFileSelected event to run the query to insert multiple records. For example:

  5. In Callbacks, add actions in On success to Show alert and Reset widget after data insertion.

  6. To test, click the Filepicker widget and upload a CSV file.

For sample apps to bulk insert data in different datasources, see PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Snowflake.