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Download Files from S3

This page shows you steps to download a file from an S3 datasource.


  • An Amazon S3 bucket in one of the AWS Regions.
  • App connected to S3 datasource.
  • Table widget to bind data and download files.
  • Make sure the server from which the file is retrieved is CORS-enabled and returns the required headers. To prevent download blocks, files must be served over HTTPS. For instructions to add a CORS configuration to your S3 bucket, see CORS configuration.

Download single file from S3

To configure the S3 query to fetch all the files from a bucket and download a file using file data, follow these steps:

  1. In Queries/JS, click the + Add a new query/JS Object and rename it to list_files.

  2. Select your S3 datasource.

  3. Select List files in bucket from Commands.

  4. Configure the Table data property of the widget to bind the response of the list_files query using {{}}.

  5. Set the widget's onRowSelected event to download a file corresponding to a selected row by pasting the following code where s3_files_details is the name of the Table widget:

  6. To test the download, click on any row on the table.

Download multiple files from S3

To download multiple files from an S3 bucket, follow these steps:

  1. Drag and drop a Button widget on to the canvas and rename it to Download all.

  2. In Queries/JS, click + Add a new query/JS Object, and then select New JS Object.

  3. Rename it to bulkDownload.

  4. Paste the following code to add a JavaScript function to download the files:

    export default {
    async downloadFiles (url, fileName) {
    download(url, fileName.split("/").pop());
  5. Set the widget's onClick event to download all the files from the S3 bucket by pasting the following code:

    {{ => bulkDownload.downloadFiles(object.signedUrl,object.fileName))}}
  6. To test the download, click the Download all button.