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Setup Server-side Searching on Table

Server-side searching is a technique of searching for specific records from the server using search terms, without relying on the client-side. To enable the search bar in the table header for server-side searching, you can turn on the Allow Searching property.

The searchText reference property can be used to filter records displayed in a table based on the user's search terms. When the user types into the search bar, the onSearchTextChange event of the table is triggered, which can be configured to query the table's datasource for the matching results.

To use the server-side search with the Table widget, follow these steps:

  1. Create a SQL query using the searchText reference property:

    SELECT * FROM users WHERE name LIKE {{"%" + Table1.searchText + "%"}} ORDER BY id LIMIT 10;

    You can also pass the searchText property as a URL parameter in an API request:{{Table1.searchText}}
  2. Set the table widget's onSearchTextChange event to run the query.

Watch this video to learn how to set up server-side search for the Table widget.