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Sliders are useful widgets that allow you to capture user input related to a range of data, and offer visual feedback to users as they select values.


Appsmith provides different types of slider widgets that you could use:

  • Category Slider - Useful for a fixed set of incremental values like t-shirt sizes or ratings.
  • Number Slider - Useful for numerical data like percentages or temperatures.
  • Range Slider - Useful for numerical ranges of data like temperatures and pressures.

Click on the available slider links to learn more.

How To Use The Slider Widget


Style properties allow you to control the look and feel of your widgets.

SizeSets the size of the widget on the canvas; choose from S (Small/4px), M (Medium/6px), or L (Large/8px).
ColorSets the fill color of the slider element. Accepts valid CSS color values.