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Checkbox Group

Checkbox group widget allows users to configure multiple checkboxes together.

How to use Checkbox Group Widget


optionsSets a list of options for a user to select. Values must be unique.
Default Selected ValuesSets values of the options checked by default.
LabelIt is a group of properties that allows you to provide a name to the field and define the placement of the widget. Learn more.
InlineWhether the checkbox buttons are to be displayed inline horizontally.
RequiredMakes input to the widget mandatory.
VisibleControls the visibility of the widget.
Select All OptionsControls whether select all control is shown.
DisabledDisables input to this widget.
HeightIt configures how a widget’s height reacts to content changes. It has three possible configurations:
Fixed: The height of the widget remains as set using drag and resize.
Auto Height: The height of the widget reacts to content changes.
Auto Height with limits: Same as Auto height, with a configurable option to set the minimum and maximum number of rows that can be occupied by the widget.


The property hosts a group of configurations that you can use to associate a display name and define a placement for the widget. These properties are usually useful when you want to design forms that follow a defined alignment for your form fields and give a professional look to your forms. Below are the properties that you can use:


It allows you to set the display name for the Checkbox Group. For example, if you want the user to give their consent to the terms & conditions, you can enter the text as "Terms & Conditions."


You can leave the text empty if you don't want any display name for your Checkbox Group widget.


It allows you to specify the placement of the label. You can select one of the available options:

  • Top - It allows you to align the text at the top of the Checkbox Group.
  • Left - It aligns the text to the left of the Checkbox Group. When you select Left alignment, you get additional settings that you can use to control the alignment and define the text's width.
    • Alignment - With the help of alignment, you can define the placement of the text in accordance with the position of the Checkbox Group. You can choose:
      • Left - It aligns the text to the widget's left boundary that is away from the Checkbox Group.
      • Right - It aligns the text closer to the Checkbox Group.
    • Width - With the help of width, you can define the number of columns in the grid that surrounds the widget. You can specify how close or far the text can be placed to the Checkbox Group.
  • Auto - It automatically adjusts the position of the text based on the Checkbox Group's height.

Columns are the dashed lines (-----) that surround a widget when you try to drag and drop it on the canvas.

How to set the label properties?


onSelectionChangeSets the action to be run when the check state is changed. See a list of supported actions.