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This page provides information on using the Progress widget, which is used to visualize the progression of specific operations and user or system-triggered actions.

How to use Progress Widget

Content properties

These properties are customizable options present in the property pane of the widget, allowing users to modify the widget according to their preferences.


Infinite loading boolean

Enables the widget to enter an infinite loading state, which is beneficial when the progress values cannot be determined. For instance, this property can be enabled for queries that take a longer time to execute.

Type string

Allows you to select the desired format for the progress bar.


  • Circular
  • Linear

Progress number

Specify the value of the progress indicator (in percentage). You can also use values retrieved from queries or JavaScript functions within the mustache operator {{}}.


Number of steps number

Specify the number of steps to break down the progress bar into multiple parts with fixed progress percentages. This property only supports positive integers.

Visible boolean

Controls the visibility of the widget. If you turn off this property, the widget would not be visible in View Mode. Additionally, you can use JavaScript by clicking on JS next to the Visible property to conditionally control the widget's visibility.

For example, if you want to make the widget visible only when the user selects "Yes" from a Select widget, you can use the following JavaScript expression:

{{Select1.selectedOptionValue === "Yes"}}

Show result boolean

Control the display of the evaluated percentage as a number along with the progress in the widget.

Counterclockwise boolean

Specifies whether the circular progress bar should animate in a counterclockwise direction. This option is only available when the Circular progress Type is selected.

Style properties

Style properties allow you to change the look and feel of the widget.

Fill color string

Specify the color of the progress bar. It accepts CSS color values and can also be programmatically modified using JavaScript functions.

Reference properties

These properties are not available in the property pane, but can be accessed using the dot operator in other widgets or JavaScript functions. For instance, to get the visibility status, you can use Progress1.isVisible.

progress number

Indicates the current progress of the progress bar as a percentage.



isVisible boolean

The isVisible property indicates the visibility state of a widget, with true indicating it is visible and false indicating it is hidden.




The methods provided by the widget allow users to dynamically update and manipulate its properties, facilitating the creation of dynamic and interactive applications without the need for manual property modifications.

These methods are asynchronous and return a Promise. You can use the .then() block to ensure execution and sequencing of subsequent lines of code in Appsmith.

setVisibility (param: boolean): Promise

Sets the visibility of the widget.



setProgress (param: number): Promise

Sets the progress value of the Progress widget.