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This page provides information on how to use the Audio widget to play MP3, WAV, OGG audio files. It also supports URLs from YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, SoundCloud, Streamable, Vimeo, Wistia, Mixcloud, and DailyMotion.

Using the Audio Widget


Properties allow you to edit the widget, connect it with other widgets and customize the user actions.

Widget properties

These properties allow you to edit the widget. All of these properties are present in the property pane of the widget.

PropertyData typeDescription
URLStringURL of the audio source to play. Supports MP3, WAV, OGG format.
Auto PlayBooleanPlays audio automatically on page load, without any action from the user.
VisibleBooleanControls the widget's visibility on the page.
Animate LoadingBooleanAllows you to control a widget’s animation on the page load.

Reference properties

These properties allow you to bind your widget with any other widget in queries or JS objects. For instance, you can use Audio1.isVisible to get the visibility status.

PropertyData typeDescription
autoPlayBooleanReflects the state of the widget's Auto Play setting.
playStateStringShows whether the Audio widget is currently playing sound. Represented by a (string) with value "NOT_STARTED", "PLAYING," "PAUSED," or "ENDED."
playingBooleanThis property provides the playing state of the widget.


When the event is triggered, these event handlers can run queries, JS code, or other supported actions

onPlaySets the action to run when the audio begins playing.
onPauseSets the action to run when the audio is paused.
onEndSets the action to run when the audio ends.